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late nights, bright lights

rollicking adventure time!

numerous legit lady boners



I'm a twenty-five year old lady trying to find my way in the world and in the meantime I am going to hang out online and read and write a lot and keep records of my weird life in my journal. I have a hundred pets and I work for a vet, so I talk about animals a lot. If you think animals are not cool, I'm not sure we can be friends. I sometimes rant about people that irritate me. I have recently started f-locking more of my posts, so if you friend me, let me know! I like owls, umbrellas, bagels, walks in the rain, Vikings, kung fu and being badass. But I hate pandas. A lot. I am maybe a tiger, but probably not a cylon.


Creative journal is located at dreamwidth, feel free to browse there.


Friend me if you wish, just drop me a PM or a comment to let me know why :)


I don't like boats as much as they say I do.
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